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FileZilla Server 1.6.1 Portable (AZS)


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My friend's version of FileZilla Server 1.6.1 (Portable}:

Portable version of free FileZilla Server. License stuff not included in this version. To Whom It May Concern, read here: https://filezilla-project.org/license.php

Stripped by 7zip this version included own 5 bat files:

1. Check FileZilla Server.bat: Check FileZilla Server status. /as service, stopped, runned/.

2. Install FileZilla Server Service.bat: Install FileZilla server service /check status, set auto mode/

3. Delete FileZilla Server Service.bat: Stops and delete FileZilla server service. /check status/

4. Start FileZilla Server.bat: Runs FileZilla server. /check if installed, stopped, runned/

5. Stop FileZilla Server.bat: Stops FileZilla service. /check if installed, stopped, runned/

That's all. Few days of research and test on Windows 10 x64 and voilà.

Little history: We always love Your Work on Uniform Servers for many years ()

In Your Modules you have old FileZilla Server 0_9_60 beta.

Without doubting your abilities, we decided to share with you how versions after 0.9.60 beta of FileZilla Server can be used as portable.

Thank you again for your work and I wish you the best for the future...

Good luck!


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