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Alternative location for Palemoon browser?


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I have a set of batch files I use to start Uniform Server that manually starts the Palemoon browser and then shuts down the Apache and MySQL when Palemoon closes.  Works fine.

However, using Unicontroller to start Apache automatically starts Palemoon when it is installed in the Core folder.  This defeats the batch file functions.

Is it possible to have Unicontroller NOT automatically start the Palemoon instance in the Core folder?

I've moved the Palemoon folder elsewhere to make my batch files work.  However there's one drawback: MySQLAdmin is programmed to open Palemoon from the default folder.   With Palemoon missing from the Core folder, it opens MySQLAdmin in my computer's default browser, which is not configured to use the US proxy. 

Is there a way to change where MySQLAdmin looks for the Palemoon browser?


-- Cliff


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I am assuming when you say that Unicontroller is automatically opening Palemoon it is opening the startup UniformServer splash pages. You can turn this function off from the UniController by selecting Apache->StartupPages-> Display Page 1 & 2 and uncheck them. Or if you want another page to open you can choose those as well. Unchecking those options will prevent UniController opening the Splash pages when Apache is started.

UniController looks for Palemoon in the default location in the core/palemoon folder if you move it out of that location, it is like it is not there, so UniController will default to the computer's default browser. There are 2 options here.

  1. Set up your default browser to use the proxy file (or)
  2. Set up Palemoon as your default browser.

However, I am under the impression that by stopping the default page from opening would mitigate the issue of the PhpMyAdmin opening in the default browser since you no longer need to move palemoon to another location.

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