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Starting UniformServer without pop-ups from Windows Defender


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Our non-profit is using Uniform Server to distribute educational documents on USB drives to people who lack access to the Internet.

Uniform Server is working wonderfully.  But Windows Defender is being cantankerous.

Whenever starting US, the user is confronted by three Windows Defender pop-ups (Control Panel, Apache, and MySQL.)  Whether they approve or cancel on the pop-up, the firewall rule is created, so this problem is more annoying to me, but likely disconcerting for users with little or no experience with computers.

Not only that, but if they remove and reattach the USB drive, the drive can be assigned a new drive letter.  This again presents the three pop-ups and creates six more firewall rules. 

Has anyone else experienced this?  Any ideas how I might get rid of the pop-ups or at least reduce the number?



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