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While demonstrating the flexibility of UniServer 3.3, I was surprised to find changing the drive letter to anything other than W produced a recursive loop my browser (Firefox 1.0.1) trying to continually load cpanel. There were a few other errors thrown in while testing "redirection limit of this URL exceeded"


Apache error log showed a file could not be found interestingly it started with W: the cause was traced to

file config.ini.php

located in diskw/home/admin/www/includes


The offending line: $drive = "W:";

Replace with this: $drive = $_ENV['Disk'] . ":";


It gets the environment variable as set (set Disk=%1) in the start-up batch file.


======== config.ini.php Code Snippet=======

/* Globals */

// Version

$version = "2.0";

$uniserver = file_get_contents("includes/.version");


/* Path variables - NO BACKSLASH */

// Local Variables

//$drive = "W:";

drive = $_ENV['Disk'] . ":";


$usr = "$drive/usr";

$www = "$drive/www";

$home = "$drive/home";



One final comment MySQL 4 and 5 are incompatible. I found 5 would not accept my 4 backups. Answer to this I just ripped out the 5 code and inserted 4 taken from 3.2a.


Cpanel I like with the exception of the fancy scroller (well that's going to be removed). Credit to the development team an excellent piece of work. :(

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Thanks, and for the code, thanks a lot. Was looking for that code when i made that file and i know it causes a lot of problems for some.


About the scroller, should be gone by next version.


About MYSQL, i am sure that there will be a way to do it, just ask in any MySQL forum or chatroom or IRC Channel. I know you can export MYSQL 5 databases as 4.0 or 4.1 but not the importing.


Thanks again.

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