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Problem with Apache/PHP


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I have many problems. I cant see my http web from out. I have a router. I only can see my hosted web on local ( or localhost). I search from change server address and put a no-ip DNS but I dont find a good .ht file.


Another problem is with PHP webpages. I create my database in mysql. Configure it. But when a try to see in local say me this: "You are using an Invalid IP to access this site!".


Thank you very much.

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About many problems, hmmm... don't we all...


About the first, see the many topics on the same subject around this forum. You need to forward port 80 from router to webserver, and remove the "deny from all, allow from" in the default .htaccess in w:\www\ to make it work.


About invalid IP, uhmm... I didn't quite get that explanation. php-files where? And does editing the .htaccess change this?

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I am kinda confused with this one so i will let Alleykat handle it.... If you want outside access to your local server, edit the .htaccess file and make sure that you chnage the settings of your Firewalls and also forward the port on your router if you have one.


About the MySQL question, you lost me there.... sorry :(

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