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'Call to undefined function Illuminate\Encryption\openssl_cipher_iv_length()'


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Hi All,

Recently I have installed Laravel 8 but (it is defined by laravel artisan serve) shown error message as below:

'Call to undefined function Illuminate\Encryption\openssl_cipher_iv_length()'

In order to solve the above problem, the working items were done towards uniform server in the following:

  1. extension=openssl  was uncommented
  2. Adding dll files to directory : "... \core\php74\"  included : libcrypto-1_1-x64.dll, libssl-1_1-x64.dll, libeay32.dll, ssleay32.dll
  3. Adding dll files to directory: "... \core\php74\extension\" included  php_mcrypt.dll , and also added extension=mcrypt
  4. I checked PATH included  "... \core\php74\extension" and  "... \core\php74\ and ...\core\apache2\conf\openssl.cnf" and "...\core\apache2\bin\" and "...\core\openssl\openssl.cnf"
  5. Runing PHP file  <?php $method 'AES-128-CBC'$ivlen openssl_cipher_iv_length($method); echo $ivlen?> and the result is OK to proof that openssl is normal

But it is too upset that I do not know why openssl function is undefined when it is to run under Laravel 8 artisan serve

Attached please find the screenshot of "" error message 

If you have any idea,  would you be kind enough that please advise what I can do to solve the above problem

Thank you for your kind attention



laravel error.JPG

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