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Problem with Joomla installation


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Hello everyone :)


I hope you can help me out with this issue that i have problem with.


This is what I have done.

1. I have extracted uniform server in a folder C:\demo\Uniform Server

2. I have unzipped Joomla installation to C:\demo\Uniform Server\diskw\www


When I click on Server_Start.bat it opens redirect page and there says all ok.


When I goto local host - http://localhost/ to start Joomla installation its OK. Joomla checks all and its OK for everything.


There are those field where I need to enter details for installation, and there problem starts.

Joomla keeps telling me user and password are incorrect.


I have tried root and root/root.

I even went to phpmyadmin and created a whole another user with full privileges, and yet again the same problem.


Can you help me with that?


Thank you very much :D

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:D lol :D Forgot to start MySQL? :)


If you mean start MySQL with the Server, search this forum for a post that deals with that. We have talked about it here before... about 4 ways to do it...

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