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hi has anyone here tried to setup ruby with the uniserver, i've been trying but not getting anywhere, i'm going to try instant rails(ROR,apache,mySQL) and see how the server is configured. then try again with uniserver. any advice would be appreciated(beside check the rails wiki, done that already), i'm not a webserver administrator, so please keep it simple(when has configuring a server ever been simple)

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Any luck installing ruby???  I wanted to test it but don't want to go through the hassle of setting it up on IIS or a linux virtual machine.


hi, ruby apache mysql are not as easy to setup as i'd hoped, in desperation i setup lighty running simultaneously with apache SCGI(works really well), and now i'm attempting to configure apache once more, it can be done with the uniserver, i'm just not sure what the best practice is, i have found that most of the apache examples are based on linux which throws me, i will keep trying, as that always works and theres always a simple solution out there. GDB

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no luck, as soon as I start the SCGI server my site isn't found, I can surmise that it's because of ports and ip conflicts, but it still doesn't look good regardless, at best i can offer a link to lightyforum which i started that has some notes which you could use to setup apache/lighty/rails/mysql/scgi, this setup works very nicely, NB! i'm very new to server configuration and this wasn't very difficult once i made heads and tails of the help out there. check it out, i'm still going to try get apache to run the rails app, but isn't my most important project right now.



check this out too - i haven't tried it as i got mysql working with lighty but it sounds good, by Gael Pourriel



This will install Apache + Ruby with Rubygems + Rails, you still

need to grab MySQL and you should be all set.


Lastly if you have Uninitilized constant errors with mysql+ruby check this out

http://www.ruby-forum.com/topic/8061#63856 - saved my sanity



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Hi there all


The most recent post on this topic was 2006 -- So I'm asking for an "update". However, I'd like to phrase the question a little differently, this time. OK.

  • Is there Sys Admin documentation for Uniform Server?
  • Is the process to add a SCGI or CGI script language documented?
  • (Finallly) is there a stock process to add a script engine to UNIFORM Server in a 'generic' way for any script engine? In other words, is it there a modular set-up scheme (or one in progress)?


i'm still going to try get apache to run the rails app, but isn't my most important project right now.





Originally, I thought I'd look at how Perl does it on Uniform Server, and then it looks to me that Perl is a different set-up, even different to PHP. Such that ...

  • PHP lives inside $usr/local/php
  • Perl lives in $usr/bin/perl -- Of course the doc file I read, could be not up to date.

And while we are on the topic, since this makes sense only to me (most likely) has anyone considered bundling GIT in with the Uniform Server so that some of these fun games like adding a plug-in or updating a sub-domain or web site can be managed as a package?


If it helps, I guess what I was looking for was a config, YAML or JSON file some place that said "HERE BE PLUGIN Perl ... " that could be understood or used as a template for someone with a masochistic desire, if not yet a need, to add either Python or Ruby to the Uniserver environment!


Considering that someone has thought of that before for (everything) Perl, PHP, Pear, etc.

  • Where is it done?

'Cause I can't find that place. Secondly why not make that change for the future, given the mix of different technical "bits" and "pieces" assembled here -- It seems to me that that approach could make life easier.


In practical terms, just like Linux you can set environment variable pointers for Ruby, Python, Perl and what ever else we can think of (say???? wot! :rolleyes:)


Looking forward to critique and pointers to get me moving.


Thanks in advance,







º http://mbimarketing.wordpress.com

º http://adroit-process.blogspot.com

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We'r currently not supporting Rails, but I am its easy to embedded modrails into Uniformserver. This also applies to Python. In simple words, if FCGI doesn't work with apache, which I am highly doubtful, because it surely works you can use mod_proxy and proxy your rails app though apache.

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