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Go Pear Instllation Error


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hello, and i want to state that every time when i had tried to install ma pear plugin it starts downloading and goes to 100% but the installation progress bar hangs up to 70% n shows some files completed but with an error in W:\home\admin\www\plugins\pear\go_pear.php (line668).. I am using OS/Win98 Sec edition.. n i had tried to go to http://www.go-pear.com it shows an error so kindly please help me and tell me briefly what i'll have to do as i am first time using and trying to rum Apache, MySQL n PHP5 on ma localhost. THanks so much and 1 more thing in a post i read about a support team member MrX on irc but he didn't mention his channel n irc server so please kindly tell me the same also.Bye Bye....

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Our channel on IRC is called #uniserver or #uniformserver.


About your error, please search this forum for topics and threads about it. I am sure one of them will help you.




If that does not work, download a new copy from http://go-pear.org/

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