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[help] Ppl cant access my website


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Hey all,


ok to tel ya, i got a game server running with ports forwarder 80/9014/7777/2106. So ppl can connect to my server from every where.


I setted up the uniform server. Now when i enter my WAN ip from whatismyip.com i get my site or on localhost too. But when ppl type my WAN ip from thier house they get nothing. Like an error saying that the hosting server has some technical issues try again later.


My htaccess file is this

# This file provides security to the server limiting access to the localhost only. 
# Comment to deactivate.

Order Deny,Allow
Allow from all

# To allow execution of cgi scripts in this directory uncomment next two lines.

AddHandler cgi-script .pl .cgi
Options +ExecCGI

# To unlock your server, comment the next 4 lines.
# Defaults: Username = admin; Password = userver

#AuthName "Uniform Server - Secure Server Access"
#AuthType Basic
#AuthUserFile /htpasswd/www/.htpasswd
#Require valid-user


Plz help me here, i need the site badly.

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Ok, you have removed the gameserver from Port 80, check to make sure that the game is not calling port 80 or using it.


Then, forward port 80 to your PC, the one with the server. After that, enter your address and it should work.... unless you have a firewall or somthing blocking it.

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hmm.. if only people from your ISP can see it, then that means that your ISP is blocking the port 80 from outsiders and only people within their seervce can see it.

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No, you can't. Its from your ISP and unless you own the ISP company, there is nothing you can do about it except change the port on your own PC from 80 to something else. You can do that in the httpd.conf file.

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K i did change the port to 81 in the httpd.config file in all cases where is it was writen port 80.


But now i have a DNS thing that redirects my ip to a specific name.

But like i cahnged ports i need to have it settedup diferenlty. SO now i need, but in the dns compagny they says that it is an invalid ip what can i do ? cz when i only enter to i get nothing but when i write i get my site.

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