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complete uninstall


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Hello to all. I had version 3.2 then installed version 3.3. I would like to uninstall version 3.3 and the mysql running as a service[c:\UniServerX.X\usr\local\mysql\bin\mysqld-opt.exe MySQL]. I don't know how I set it up as a service, but I want to start over fresh and not have it as a service.


Just deleting the uniserverxx does not do the job I don't think. I think I tried that.


I like the idesa of the server being so secure, but may need a little more handholding than the average guy so I may need to install another wamp or something with a little more printed documentation [instructions]. I am very new to all this and when problems occurr I an screwed. Sometimes I don't even know there is a problem. That is how bad I am.


Even if I want to install uniserver again, which I may do, I need to uninstall the mysql first right.


Thanks for any help

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Hmm? Did you find out? You stop and then disable services from Control panel > Administration > Services.


You must have run the services installer at some point to make them services. Do you still have the old versions files? Look in doc\services\files - there should be an uninstall.bat

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Yes it is all straightened out. I could not wait 3+days for a reply so I found out myself after 1 day of waiting,but still looking. I had to run a command, not to uninstall mysql --it was uninstalled, but it was still listed in the services. That somehow interferred with something. I then immediately installed xampp for windows without a hitch and completely secured it with their exellent help system.


It works flawlessly and all the time, you click something it is there-- not and error or warning you have to fix. I understand it is a built in security feature of uniserver, but it get in the way of the user. What a pleasure xampp is. It gives full easily understandable instructions on how to secure everything


Uniserver may be great,I am sure it is, but it is not without its problems as far as I can see. There is just not as much readily available support on any subject. Support may be there, but waiting nearly 4 days for a reply is not good. Probably the longest I have ever waited for help with anything--freeware or shareware.


I am not complaing just pointing that out. You do not owe me anything.


If anybody is interested in where I found the answer it is here. This will probably uninstall mysql too,, I just needed to remove the listing in the services.




I am very new to all his and all of the above is just my opinion. I may be right, I may be wrong, all I know is that it is fixed. It may never have been a problem if I had not tried to install mysql as a service. It is my opinion the uniserver is not as easy to use as xampp is. I am sure of that. I now have apache,php 4 and 5. mysql and email set up.

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Well, let's see..


About answering time: :P You were just plain lucky - I haven't been here for the last 1½ month to tell the truth, and it's even longer since I answered a question at all. Fast support is paid support, I'm afraid - apart from that you're in the voluntary jungle where answers often are provided by others as readily as by oneself. :) You can actually find most information here on the forums or in the wiki.


Early XAMPP was to the best of my knowledge actually based on uniserver - the difference is mainly in the user interface and the installer(s). Uniserver isn't meant to be quite like xampp - the codeword is 'bonzai', as small as possible with full functionality (but without bloat).


We all have to start somewhere, and UniServer (or for that matter XAMPP) are excellent starting points. You'll probably soon find that you need to know more about the configuration of Apache and PHP to use it more fully, and these solutions are still way easier for a beginner than to start with Apache, PHP and MySQL from scratch.

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I have no problem with response time.I did say this



"Uniserver may be great,I am sure it is, but it is not without its problems as far as I can see. There is just not as much readily available support on any subject. Support may be there, but waiting nearly 4 days for a reply is not good. Probably the longest I have ever waited for help with anything--freeware or shareware.


I am not complaing just pointing that out. You do not owe me anything..


I think the user interface may be the problem[along with limited documentation]. I really hate those 2 arrows used to scroll btw,please lose them. Anything would be better imo. As I recall you need to use them to scroll---maybe a scroll bar.



Something like this link below would be of tremendoushelp to noobs. It was for me. and I agree I have a lot to learn[everthing as a matter of fact]---xampp will make it easier. I will not have to spend so much time looking for answers.





It is not my intention to put down uniserver or anything like that. There have to be others in the same boat as me that may find this and find it usefull.

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Ok.. just got back.. first i would like to say that if i say something that might seem rude to you, i'm sorry... might just come out like that to you...


Ok.. bout you waiting 4 days for support, damn it, don't u read anything else but your topic... There is an announcement here and in all forums that says what is going on with me and the project in general.... usually before i moved, users get support within the minute if not hour... you can ask most of our users in fact, but i moved out and am back in school and all that, so please before you start saying something that might seem relevant to you only, check to make sure you know what is going on with the project.


About XAMPP, we all have different ways.... ours is to limit the size and make it mobile, safe and secure to use in production. Since i can recall, i have only had one experience of Uniform Server being hacked, and that was AlleyKat's case with mod_dav.


While you might not seem to appericiate our work.. please do not spread bs here... please.. i hate it cause we do not go to the XAMPP forums and start acting immature... its plain immature of you to do that... We even support XAMPP.


A, this is a free and open source server... what is your contribution if i may ask... and you get free support also... wtf more do you want...? We do not even accept donation... do you expect us to live of of this? I can't pay my rent and bills with this.... i get $0 here every month (which i love cause i get something else form this) and i have bills to pay so please take it easy.


That it... on the phone with my girl and you are really messing my mood up.


I wanted to delete this post at first and not reply, but i will leave it here for everyone to see and read.

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Sorry you took it that way. :( I don't blame you for not liking it though. I am sure you work your ass off, just like a lot of people. :) Of course most people get paid I guess,but some don't.


I think I made it pretty clear that nobody owes me anything. I am getting tired of saying that. The fact that I did not like waiting such a long time is only natural I think. :P


I was just trying to get a test site up on my own computer and needed it set up and functional pretty quick. If I had the time I might have waited, since if I get hacked I am really screwed. I know it is pretty impossible to get hacked with uniserver.That is why I installed it in the first place.


Being so secure only makes it more difficult to work with in my opinion. :) If there was a little documentation, as I had suggested,uniserver is a winner. As it is I felt very safe with it, but as a pre-noob it was just frustrating not being able to get into phpmyadmin or getting mysql to start or modifying files to prevent errors. I see others have these problems too. I am not alone :D


I don't really see where this announcement is-I just looked--Oh there it is!!!. Do you really expect everone to read all the announcements,if they even see them, before they post??? and why would anybody think that only you could answer a simple question. .


I kinda resent your implication that it is so obvious that I should have immediately read the announcement. Maybe if it said something other than I'm moving I would have read it. I move a lot of things. howtf am I supposed to know that I'm moving means support may be slow for a while.Really


Looking at your forum today I do however see a lot of people that can't seem to get uniserver to work though. I do not see it so much over in the xampp forum. Just an observation. I am not saying it does not work,just that people have a hard time with it. You need to get a little better documentation IMO. For the idiots like me I mean. Something simple, but more than a freaking paragraph. ;) How hard could that be to do. It may save you a lot of support time to boot!!!



I think it is great that people like you develop these things free of charge. I appreciate it. I think you made a few assumptions about me that were incorrect and I had to set you straight. I am not shy about doing that type of thing.


If I might suggest. The next time you have an announcement make it clear and hard to miss. It could have saved us both a lot of trouble.


Best of luck with Uniform Server.

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I am also sorry.. didn't mean to lash out at you like that but now you understand where we are coming from. ;)


About the documentation, it is something we are working on. We have the Wiki: http://wiki.uniformserver.com and the User Guide: http://doc.uniformserver.com


The next version should have most of this issues cleard up, we should have just few support questions and so on cause it will be "Toughly Developed & Tested &copy"... and thanks for the concern. :)


Best of luck to you also... :) :P


...now, i'm going to sleep... going to work by 8:00AM today... and its 12:15AM

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