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charset (problems with FPDF)


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sorry, I know there are already 2 related topics, I checked them, but I still need some more help (I a newby...)


so, I would like to use latin2 charset (hungarian). there are no problems when I am displaying data got from MySQL, but some characters do not appear correctly in FPDF. In FPDF I am using an ISO-8859-2 (latin2) charset, I made the the font myself (built from Courier, and mapped it as in the fpdf documentation). However, characters appear correctly on the webpage, but only codes appear in the generated PDF (instead of the őű characters I got ő and ű).


I dont know where the error is, because only data coming from MySQL appears incorrectly in the pdf file, same characters entered directly from the PHP code appear correctly. And this is what really is confusing me.


Any idea? Was the problem description clear?

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utf8 unicode should display any character from any language correctly.


For more information on unicode, visit this page.

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