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MySQL or Apache?


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Not sure where the problem lies, so hopefully you can make sense of my post. :)


First off, let me say that I love Uniform Server! I found it today while at work 'cause the boss really likes some of the PHP/MySQL scripts I use and wanted to make them available to the rest of the employees (we are on a non *nix server). I ran it (with PHPmyAdmin and MySQL without a hitch - piece of cake!


Security alert!

Possible attack HTTP_REFERER is not localhost. but ''.


(to disable this warning go: /home/admin/CGI/Secure.pm)


Anyway, when I got home today, I downloaded 3.3 for myself and ran into the above mentioned problem. I commented out the warning in the appropriate file - but when I try to access phpMyadmin, I get "Server is not responding".


I'm running Norton Internet Security - could that be the culprit?


I'm running Win XP w/ SP2 as well. If there is any other info you need to help solve this, please let me know. :)

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If you can see other thing... pages in http://localhost, then there shouldn't be a problem after commenting that out...


If you are using a version less than 3.3, please upgrade to 3.3.



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