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SQLite from PHP in Uniform Server 3.3


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I've downloaded Uniform Server 3.3 for use on a thumb drive. From looking through this board (See here), I understood that SQLite would be included in this version of the server. However, I've been unable to use it from within PHP, either directly (using sqlite_open, etc), or via PEAR's DB module. Pages using MySQL work great, but it would be nice to not have to run MySQL just to test some basic database functionality.


Is there something that I need to enable in my PHP configuration in order to use SQLite?




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Though SQLite Automatically comes with PHP 5, you will still need to set some things up for it to work.


We could not add them to 3.3 because of space and size... so it is being made a plugin.

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No... i basically do not have an estimate for anything right now.... too busy and no internet connection at home.... though we may be getting it next month.

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