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Error - UniController.exe in wrong folder, but it is not.


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I'm on a Windows 7 box and as an exercise, I am attempting to migrate a live test site from VI to V4 because I would like to be able to do this with my real site in order to be able to easily update PHP..
I have more than one version on on my drive I and need to switch back and forth to make changes in each versions Wordpress control panel to the plugins etc set up. 
I do this by running one and then renaming the folders (one to UniServerZ_back and the other back to UniServerZ) while doing the prep. 
Before installing Version 4 I had no trouble doing this but after installing V4 there seems to now be a problem in that when I rename the folders and run the opposite Version of UniController.
I'll get a pop-up error stating " Incorrect location!  Move UniController to folder UniServerZ"... To prevent problems UniController will close.

But UniController (and all the other files) are in fact installed in the correct C:/UniServerZ folder before I run UniController.   
I have tried to correct this and or work around it by reinstalling a fresh copy and then copying my current files into that fresh install but the problem persists. 

Would appreciate any help please. 
Might there be a cfg file setting that might be pointing to a different folder even though UniController is actually in the correct folder?


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