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phpMyBackupPro problem?


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Hi Guys,


Thought I'd try phpMyBackupPro in the 3.3 Admin panel yesterday having never played with it before.


Following the link presents me with a phpMyBackupPro Login page, but I cant get past it...


I presume this is trying to log into the MySQL admin user (root) - but when I try it I just get thrown back to the phpMyBackupPro Login page again.


I have changed the root password for MySQL but access to phpMyAdmin and my "site" works fine with the new password so I'm not sure what's going on! :)


Anyone else come across this or is it just me?


Any ideas?


Couch Potatoe

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I tried logging as root:root and I passed . I changed password to 1234 and I couldn't pass. I restarted the server tried logging as root:1234 again but It didn't work. I had to get in so I tried root:root again and voila! I passed.


So changing mysql_password file doesn't effect anything. I had the same problem when I tried to install Joomla.

Panel 3.0+ Status: Who cares!!!

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Thats because unlike phpMyAdmin, phpMyBackupPro does not automatically get the password from the mysql_password file. It can't cause it wont parse PHP in the config file. It automatically get it and add it directly.


We might remove the login feature on the next release. Make it something like phpMyAdmin

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