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Error: curl-error-60-ssl-certificate


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Dear Support Team,

Thank you very much for this product, really like it and use for many Years. Have one strange issue which i can not beat


1) 14_0_1_ZeroXIV

2) Lets Encrypt Certificates put in "UniServerZ\core\apache2\server_certs\" as server.crt and server.key

3) Apache SSL enabled

4) Apache mod_sll - enabled

5) PHP curl, fileinfo, openssl - enabled

6) php production.ini has:




Website via HTTPS is working fine. How ever in wordpress and https://gtmetrix.com/ , I have errors:

a) Wordpress:  cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate

b) GTMetrix

An error occurred fetching the page: write failed: Bad file descriptor

There may be a connectivity issue between your server and the GTmetrix test server. Please login to try testing from another test location or try again later.


Can you please advise, what can be wrong in config? (i have also tried to download https://curl.haxx.se/docs/caextract.html and user this certificate as pem but no luck)








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I have a couple of questions to see if I can help you out with this.

1. Are you hosting this on your system or on a VPS?

2. You have stated that the website is working over HTTPS, but Wordpress is not, so if I understand a normal website hosted works, but Wordpress hosted does not.

3. Does a Wordpress site hosted without Https work?


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