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Ernest did you .. ?

Ted Bundy

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Be honest. You've made an installer, not a complete implementation of a server.

Let's make a comparison:
Your newest compilation king george 14_0_1_ZeroXIV.exe opens a folder and installs 10 directories and 4 files. Apache - the server from others' website - is found somewhere halfnaked UniServerZ\core\apache2 and PHP - the subroutine to handle server http requests also uploadable from others' website - is found UniServerZ\core\php74. And it's fairly easy to start the server on uniserver's control panel. But it's hardly an installation, because 1) hello technikum stopped using 32 bits machines long ago, and that's still what uniserver compilation does; 2) hello it spits out log errors for ever in giga mega big bangs. It's possible to turn them off simply writing ErrorLog off in apache's Apache\conf\httpd.conf file. It is the correct initial setting. Big bang halleluja! 3) And there's crap such as mysql .. ... No need for such really. Common crap nuisance like details that comes with every new gift electronically piece of crap really, you buy nowadays, because it's conceived with manuals, correct? MySql is slow compared with flatfile database, straight As and such.

It spoils us with puzzles, things that hardly work for example javascript: "get highlighted selection":
For instance like this:
    function getSelectionText() {
        var text = "";
        if (window.getSelection) {
            text = window.getSelection().toString();
        } else if (document.selection && document.selection.type != "Control") {
            text = document.selection.createRange().text;
        return text;
So the machine needs turbo for this cross-browser philosophy to work. Hold on, because now we do it like this:
        var getSelectionText;
        if (window.getSelection) getSelectionText = () => window.getSelection().toString();
        else if (document.selection && document.selection.type != "Control") getSelectionText = () => document.selection.createRange().text;
And this is faster because? The first solution ask a lot, the second provides directly answer like alert(getSelectionText()); displaying selection.

Gimmy gimmy .. So the second is best? No charlie, it's stupid! Get it, sTuUuPiD.
Because there was a time, when human brain was healthy and working, keeping time, records, appointments etc. Now we miserables are only trying to make up for it. Sincerily would thou need a watch, if thy brain kept time like original made to do? Nope.
We call it richness, but it is diseases, that cause urge to need these handicap means: We are NAKED among animals and call clothes beauty, other animals don't need such - they are thus richer -. Neither a clock on their armwrist to pass time for them, when they self can't predict future like normal brain work do in foresightness etc, telepathy internet COOOL stuff and more to come in ever lasting richness beauty, mystery about life and such.
So start being honest ..

You can for instance drop all religions right now, they don't work, but being a vegetarian does. (http://telementalitycompany.000webhostapp.com/film/crazy%20beauty.php) "Coooooool ..." you say. Cool my ass, you kill other animals for fun, psychopaths and then you ask sing sing about forgiveness now and then. Drop it.

An honesty example: Who discovered electricity? "Frankli..". Stop. Because who discovered computer, when it was there from the beginning, get it smart ass?
It's spoken about petroleum, such wonder, and it makes machine cough. Hello, organisms are machines too already running quiet, and what's wrong with quiet ~ yes, sound is violent.
An organism can of course only orientate in its own speed, maximum running, get it? It's not made to orientate in work with a faster moving vehicle.
So who discovered electricity? .. .. Yes? .. No one? ..
Electricity is what steers Earths angle toward Sun. As so those who made Earth apparently knew about its force, magnetism - north and south pole - to hold a firm grip towards Sun. It's Moon that keeps it unbalanced causing ravage, not sing sing our father in internet clouds.
You thought otherwise because NASA says so, correct? It's mistrust. Abuse of your babily "yes mom dad, because GaGa .." lack of »ordinary world«, and they are not honest towards you. Since they don't really know. Just like all doctors - without exception - nowadays, that say human lack of fur is natural health. Stick it to the man!

The problem with honesty is megalomania. You've got it too, you know, else you wouldn't be here, correct? {I ask you now your heavenly father sing sing from the clouds, to lift you up where we belong, to ask your forgiveness little padawan .. .}
The problem with brain is called philosophy, and you know when that began ~ somewhere in ancient Greece.
So humans lack fur - it's a disease, get it? You're not rich, religious swine. And what more than watches on armwrists do every one typically now use, umbrellas? ".. uhm." Hello, did you ever check that crap, you say "look, it's me" in a mirror yourself? Be Ernest ..
Humans typically also use glasses now, why pigs? .. ... Soldiers obviously think organism is here to smash. So what do they also think about glasses to correct eyesight ...
Organic eyes - humans, eagles etc - actually have two modes - a geologic and a classic -. Come on do you still believe NASA only? "We have to abide by law, and it's illegal. It's illegal because the law .. ...". Robots abide law, but what are YOU made of, umbrellas? {Your heavely father sing sing ask .., yes it's me up here on the mountain among angels Bill the Gates himself in internet clouds .., rubbish.}
Organic body is mostly water, and why do YOU know that? Because you saw, it drank it and it has blood thereby etc. So is it evil towards you? .. "yeah man, it burns from time to time and such ..". Are molecules evil? For instance temperature, does it work in mysterious way too, when you can check it regular on termometers? .. Water changes form, it's magic from ice, to fluish and gas, and temperature does it. Keine hexerei. The organic body is mostly water, but other stuff too and work by laws - logically -. Anything evil in math, you think? .. You're delirious, confused, because those that really do harm work like chameleons and explain it so. They are psychopaths and cause for instance starring, glare .., need for glasses to all now, how? .. ...
It's megalomania that conceals that evil.

Was Benjamin Roosevelt honest about his gift? ... Mega .. yes. For example Duran Duran group gets inspired "Too Much Information" and "Ordinary World". If you hear this "Ordinary world", wouldn't you like that, safety some how? ... And they get inspired by guess who .. lord Voldemort. But how do Duran Duran like so many others abuse their inspiration? ... To jerk it off in showbizz for popularity, richness and fun. Screw you. Well screw them, and you know what, that's how it went mostly, because they are not all alike.
You can analyze their inspiration by putting those two pieces "Too Much Information" and "Ordinary World" together, that it originates from Voldemort, who create world and such .. « no, of course not, since reality is not created, it's Earth - the molecules, you know tiny little .., heavenly father sing sing I forgive you, .. that constructs Earth. Michael Jackson also abused his gift thriller notion » see >this footage< here about.
If they were honest, they would discover more themselves in their misery about their inspiration. Another example to this is ABBA: "Thank you for the music". They speak about the richness of music thus. But they never come to grasp the truth in their heavenly father i forgive you, redeem me and I'll jerk you off for free, low cost, no cost anytime now and then, you know ... that sound IS violent toward what we really are, that in order to like music, you must be stressed, have headache etc, be sick to appreciate the massage in hearing. ABBA were also a group of masturbaters on stage. Psychopaths, cause that's what they do in evil. And that leads back to glasses, almost all wear nowadays. They use brain to masturbate, to fantasize offensive behaviour, rape and such, screwing stuff skewed together in its machinery, developing blindness hereby also.

So to shorten installation of a PHP implemented server:
I've made simply one folder for apache, one for php and a http_root folder for web content. And two files - one to start and one to stop apache -:
    @echo off
    cd Apache
    bin\httpd.exe -k install -n "Apache"
    bin\httpd.exe -k start -n "Apache"
    @echo off
    cd Apache
    bin\httpd.exe -k stop -n "Apache"
    bin\httpd.exe -k uninstall -n "Apache"
In Apache\conf\httpd.conf file it's then necessary to specify Define SRVROOT "." (where apache directory root is, and this way the server assembly is portable to other directory locations). and also: »
    # PHP7 module
    LoadModule php7_module "./../php/php7apache2_4.dll"
    AddType application/x-httpd-php .php
    PHPIniDir "./../php"
« to initiate PHP subroutine in apache system. And that's it. This Apache + PHP also requires a VC_redist.x64.exe installed to service their routines. But they only cost about 90-100 MB compared to uniserver King Z's installation now 244 MB.

So about honesty: I am also a multipersonality. Now we talk about such, it is important to emphasize that anonymity is security. And it is better to meet online to discuss matter anonymously for instance this "we're natural born killers with teeth and such. And you living by religion are serialkillers, monstrous everywhere" than to meet organically in orgy parties to love one another happily for ever after, again and again. But though anonymous you can still be honest.
And lets make some small subroutine calculations first: 1) Earthlife ends for all, when you come here, visit, fluish in orgy parties, what can be a purpose? ... It must be about taking something with you, when it ends. And that's what we call "a school", so it's a school. 2) But can an education work properly, if students have loss of limbs etc necessary for graduation? ... There should have been complete security, before we arrived in first place. Nowadays police etc are called security forces, but they only arrive in mysterious ways after accident has happened. That is not security. 3) Since we are here now in danger, there can be only one purpose: to get back in security. 4) There must be authorities, who once created Earth and Sun for schooling, obviously not for their own downbringing, nor others. Wouldn't you agree, that those originators never meant to cause harm to pupils in the idea of making schools to educate beings for co-work thereafter .. ? 5) So if you participated in constructing a school, and it was humiliated, ridiculed by loads and lots of strangers, new coming aliens here and there, and some one asked you "here how do this work?". You would not have a glue, for it is orgies and work in mysterious ways?
It is by such conclusive knowabout, we insiders in me and yeah "it's ridicules", because to begin with in Earthlife GaGa megalomania "here i come ..", we're just concerned about outside the world of LEGO stuff, and what we are - all that really is some where - is just that "notion" of some being in your bodily i, you ask some authority for pills about to cure whatever. But after more than 40 years and strife, we counted being twelve and a teacher. Look, if these organisms are really schools, it makes sense with pupils in class connections and a dormitry to them and also some diagnostic tools for a teacher.
By the way about eyes - the geologic and the classic modes -, the geologic mode sees world in colors and shadows in tones of gray, but the classic or melancholic mode sees only living nature in color; yes, if it dies it looks gray too. It has shifted between us, but more have recoqnized seeing only living nature in colors sometimes, typical with disturbed bodily weight-balance like, if you had headphone stereo inside and then took headphones off and got it fluid. But why study how wonderous all this machinery works in danger and continue nonsense? We have nothing to do here, us miserable pupils.
Get it? We are twelve pupils, 8 psychopaths who are defectus ~ work with intentional harm, manipulation - say "I am god" etc - and 4 pupils developing co-work with Teacher. There went more than 40 years before we distinguished being tweelve and thereby brought about megalomania "here i come .. the master alone" and yet also years more in examination to discern those among us in symbiosis with ill intent - permanently defectus, lunatics regarding security, suicidal and such -.
SO .. when Benjamin Roosevelt said "electricity .." then what is the situation? ... We pupils are here in danger, teachers has with our rescue to do. When something is inspired - a new handicap mean -, does it then come from those in need or those who deal with their rescue? ..
Therefore when examplewise Michael Jackson jerked off thriller, he was just the machine, an organism, "killer" you shout, i saw it do something such. But is organism - its molecules - evil stuff? And connected to that organism, there are both students, rescuer, a killer or two ..? Yes.
And all this nonsense judges, lawyers, prison guards, police force, air force, rockets and infantry, heavy duty guards, dickheads, sperm cells, jam offs in go-carts hyperspacing infernal victorious, wtf? They are fraudulent authorities on Earth.

And the naming "uniserver" is also a delusion, because it is an installer, wouldn't you agree?
Does it matter? .. It will cause strife, conflict, humiliation etc. And you ALL know, it's wrong, but you simply allow it, masturbate thus. It's called the ghost in sound, nobody there really, illusion. Look at your pale skin color again, correct or black? So what else might be eh .. bad?
Hearing is really a pressure meter in stereo, that detects movement about and records motions to your body's orientation. Organisms move quietly, and so does natural hearing work.
Sound is violent. But nowadays we use sound also as a handicap mean to communicate, we moan and sing thus, it's manipulation.
In this violence you typical hear "some one" in sound, but it is possible to record voice (a sound with a ghost, u u u oh yeah ... illusion), and play it back still with some one there, though there's no one around. It is a sensation error and mistrusted. Did doctors, Nostradamus foretold this? No. But I - the great Belushi am now telling you, my medicine works .. -, no. We are twelve pupils, some - 8 of us - definitely rotten eggs play "god" halleluja, some play guardian angle and two-3 others fatherly dominant. But there is only one real teacher, who inspires us in need, and it is in honest co-work with Teacher, we were told, that "sound is violent". So we thought about it and "yes" it hurts us inside. Music is only because we have stress already, which some likable music (tina turner for instance but also maskulin chimpanzee) copulates, stimulates, but it's bad. U uu oh yeah .. bad.
People now typically name ships and another stuff "he" or "she" just like you recognize deluding ghost in voice control as female or male, it's ludicrous, lunacy. YOU are going to need glasses also, become mongolic as people now normally do through ports, spread legs and such under doctors foreplay before they come home ~ nirvana - cool effect in the brain meltdown disease, the membrane down syndrome .., when you keep on with "staying alive" saturday night fever.

With love your brother Amus ...

Note: You get married - one do the dishes and another grownup feed the new alien - and you say "honey" and "treasure" to eachother, liking eachother, but it only exists in danger. Yes, if all were as original created - provided for without federation - mom and dad, fucking .. handicap means -, there would be security completely. As such no need to drink, since water is heavy and heaviness harms us in mysterious way - like sound does -. So no urges, no mouths to feed, no one to call honey, because you've made it, you survive. What kind of relationship is that - based upon danger - to love eachother hand in hand?
So is this letter of nuisance, complaint with love? .. ... You need to know, and we got it, so of course here you go for security in mind, fellowship towards kingdom of heaven .., common sense.
Love is used by hoaxes to manipulate ~ the music enslaves and coarses "yes", acknowledgement or no of course ma'am -. But this is written with intent of explanning to your understanding, it's liberalism - because it has "you must" only what you self understood is necessity to commitment. That's the power of love

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