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Server Status No IP Address


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Hello everyone,

I am sorry if this topic is generally discussed or an easy fix. I have been scouring the internet for a solution and have not been able to find one.

I just installed Uniserver v2.3.0 trying to set something up. I have never used this program before.

When I go to General > Server Internet Status, I do not get my IP address. Instead I get: <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//EFT//....
At which point it gets cut off. Any idea of what may be causing this? Screenshot of the error is attached.

I also changed from the default port to port 8080 (since something fundamental was occupying the default port). I also port-forwarded 8080.


Thank you in advance.


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@chros Thank you for bringing this up.. It was a problem with the Controller. We have fixed it in the latest Uniform Server Zero v14.0.1 and UniController v2.3.1 

You should be able to see the Server IP address now. The Server IP address is basically your IP address as seen from the internet. 


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