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Security Checklist - typo in list?


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Hello Olajide, just downloaded the most recent release US 3.3 (while trying to guide a friend on an install over the phone). I mirrored the setup in order to see what was happening on his end, and I got my server to start (in about 15 seconds from the download), but his gave a user/password needed.


I looked through the admin panel, and there are 3 lines in the Security Checklist. The first one reads:


Change the username:password for the Admin Panel by editing '/htaccess/home...


Should that read '/htpasswd?? (instead of htaccess)


I thought of creating my own password, so I went over to the config file at \home\admin\www\.htaccess and un-commented the 4 lines, which are:

AuthName "Uniform Server - Admin Panel 1.0 Alpha"
AuthType BAsic
AuthUserFile /htpasswd/home/admin/www/.htpasswd
Require valid-user

Went to shutdown the server and got the username/password prompt. So, since I hadn't changed the default user/password, I figured that admin/userver would work - but no dice.


Did I uncomment the wrong lines, or do I need to change something else in the .htaccess file in order to have a new username/password?

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We know about the checklist error... should be fixed on next version, but about your problem, it should be working after uncommenting those. Check the .htpasswd file to make sure it is the right password and username. Also remember that encryption of the password does not work on Uniform Server.

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