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Brand Newbe, cant install on USB


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Hello everyone.

I have have great difficulties attempting to install onto a usb drive.

I have read and reread until my head hurts.


All I really NEED is to use it as a mysql database server with PHP.

I have it copied to the usb in its own folder, and when I run server_start.vbs, it says server is working on disk w: ...

and W:\user\local\php>


I can do anything from there like start mysql server or access anything else.

Like i Said, total newbe to this, but no to mysql and php.


ANY help would be great.




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Start the server with 'Disk Start.vbs'


Check to make sure W:/ drive is created.


Go to http://localhost or http://localhost/apanel/ to see if it works.


If it does, then all your web files should be put in W:/www.

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