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free up drive letter without restarting


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sometimes i hibernate my pc to continue working on things the next day, without

having to open everything again. after wake up from hibernation uniserver

reports "the disk w is busy. use start.bat [disk letter]"

stop.bat doesnt help.


i understand, that i can change w to something else in start.bat, but

would there be an other way of free up the drive letter w

under windows 2000/xp?


i guess its a windows specific problem, but maybe somebody could help -

had no luck with google so far.

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ok, problem solved - i found this post in google groups:



Use SUBST, which is equivalent to ASSIGN, except you can assign a

drive letter to a specific directory or sub-directory on the hard

drive. The directory can then be accessed through the drive letter.

The assignment can easily be removed with SUBST /D.


Type HELP SUBST at the DOS command prompt for more info.



so in the cmd window i typed:


subst w: /d



sorry for posting kind of for myself... :)

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