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Upgrading from 3.2a to 3.3


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Is it possible to upgrade from 3.2a to 3.3 without having to disturb anything already installed.


I have apache/mysql running as a service and 3.2a installed in




Which files should be replaced in order to upgrade?


Also where can I find a changelog for v3.3?


One more thing you might want to update http://miniserver.sourceforge.net/version.html to show version 3.3.



edit :

Also does the PEAR package work in 3.3, I could never get it to work on 3.2a, it always said class pear not found fatal error.

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The Pear Installer should work....


About upgrading, it is better to start over and copy over the files to 3.3 installation folder. You need the W:/www/ file and the /usr/local/mysql/data/ file for the Database.


And chnages you made around the server....

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