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How to use SSL for all vhosts?


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I am glad I found uniformserver (instead of using xampp). Thank you developers for this great tool.


Unfortunately I am stuck however:


Now I want to set up a certificate which is used for both in the httpS


So, I created a certificate *.mydns.org

Files for site a.mydns.org sit in /vhosts/siteA and files for site b in /vhosts/siteB.


When I try to open either httpS://a.mydns.org or httpS://b.mydns.org I am seeing the (index) page from the SSL root: /ssl


What do i need to change, that both sites can be reached (only) by httpS


Maybe someone is suggesting to use a(nother) certification service?


Thanks already


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Note sure about the latest version of US (I'jm still using 7.0.1 orion - it's brilliant and means no runtime dependencies) but in my version there is a tool for creating ssl certificates located in \UniServer\unicon\key_cert_gen\Run.bat

It only creates a cert for the main server (not virtual hosts) but it's hackable..

As for seeing the vhosts you need to change teh ssl config file - it's similar to http.conf.

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Hi Twinky,

thanks. Even though this is not relevant for me anymore, I meant something else: I did not need self signed, but "real" certificates. I was able to create an export of the needed files, but I did not succeed to make use of them.

Fortunately, I am back on a hosted server with a Let's Encrypt certificate now.

Thank you for your reply anyways. Maybe someone else can make use of our talk.


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