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Error: "You Don't Have Permission to access ..."

Len Jacobson

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I have not used Uniform Server in a while. I am presently using PHP Version 5.6.19.


I have defined a "<Virtual Host>" with the name, "laptop-test-server". It appears to be properly recognized.


If I then open a PHP file on the test server with the URL "laptop-test-server/include/somePHPfile.php", I get the following error message:




You don't have permission to access /include/somePHPfile.php



But if I open that same PHP file on the test server with the URL "localhost/include/somePHPfile.php", it works fine.


Similarly, if I open it with the URL "", it also works fine.


Can someone point me in the direction to fix this problem?


Thanks much.


Len Jacobson

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My son came up with the solution.


In the 'hosts' file, I needed to have on one line the following: localhost laptop-test-server


Previously, I had them on separate lines. To be honest, I don't know why it worked when I put them all on one line, but the bottom line is that that's how I got it to work.

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