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How to set up 64-bit Apache on Windows 7 (Uniserver Zero XIII)

Hoo Host

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Hi All,


I have been getting the error below many many times in the Apache log with the standard (stock) version of Uniserver Zero XIII and then Apache will crash.


VirtualAlloc() failed: [0x00000008] Not enough storage is available to process this command.
VirtualFree() failed: [0x000001e7] Attempt to access invalid address.

I have narrowed this down to the Apache version being 32-bit and not supporting memory in excess of 2GB (presumably it will hit a memory allocation error when it tries to allocate more than this amount), I would like to upgrade to 64-bit Apache (downloaded from the closest thing to an official release here: https://www.apachelounge.com/download/win64/) but when I replace the core/apache2/bin contents or the core/apache2 contents I cannot get it to start using UniController - it no longer recognizes the ${US_ROOTF_WWW} and other variables in the config files.


Does anyone have a step-by-step for upgrading Apache to the 64-bit version or alternatively does anyone know where/how the ${US_ROOTF_WWW} and other config values are set so that I can try to update them manually?




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