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MySQL Innodb file locations ignored by XIII UniController


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I am having a problem with the command line options that the XIII UniController provides when it launches the MySQL server.

I run a handful of Uniform Servers in parallel - mainly Coral 8.x.x servers and 1 XIII server. I have recently switched from a Windows 7 Pro (32-bit) laptop to a 64-bit laptop running Ubuntu, and Windows 7 Pro as a VirtualBox VM. The latter 2 OSes are both 64-bit versions.

For my MySQL databases, I have them centrally located in a file structure consisting of a single main directory with a sub-folder for each US server. Each sub-folder contains all of the MySQL databases used by that US server. As part of the laptop/OS change I have simply copied this file structure and files from my old SSD to the K: drive of my new SSD.


In order to ensure each server accesses the correct database(s), in the my.ini file for each MySQL server I have defined the location of the database files, using the following directives:






Each server also uses its own unique pair of port numbers for the Apache and MySQL servers.

I am trying to run the XIII server which I have called zero_xiii_sv0, the database files for which are located in the directory K:\WebServerFiles\MySQL_dbs\zero_xiii_sv0\data.

The directory K:\WebServers contains a number of sub-folders, with each sub-folder containing a single installation of a US.

The directory K:\WebServers\zero_xiii_sv0\UniServerZ\data is the default location for the database files created when the XIII server is installed.

The MySQL server my.ini file contains the following entries regarding file locations:

datadir = "K:/WebServerFiles/MySQL_dbs/zero_xiii_sv0/data/"

innodb_data_home_dir = "K:/WebServerFiles/MySQL_dbs/zero_xiii_sv0/data/"

innodb_log_group_home_dir = "K:/WebServerFiles/MySQL_dbs/zero_xiii_sv0/data/"

When the UniController is used to launch the MySQL server, the server is started using the following command string:


--defaults-file = "K:\WebServers\zero_xiii_sv0\UniServerZ\core\mysql\my.ini"

--tmpdir = "K:\WebServers\zero_xiii_sv0\UniServerZ\tmp"

--datadir = "K:\WebServers\zero_xiii_sv0\UniServerZ\core\mysql\data"

--innodb_data_home_dir = "K:\WebServers\zero_xiii_sv0\UniServerZ\core\mysql\data"

--innodb_log_group_home_dir = "K:\WebServers\zero_xiii_sv0\UniServerZ\core\mysql\data"

and I am unable to connect to the (ttrssdb) database.

As can be seen from the command string, the values of the data items:




are incorrect.

They should instead reference the databases in


instead of the default location of


I have tried running in a DOS session the Apache server with the correct command line string and that worked successfully, allowing me to attach to the correct database.

Am I missing something in the server configuration or is the procedure invoked by the "Start MySQL" button of the UniController simply ignoring the values provided in the my.ini file?

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