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uniformZ server doesn't open localhost but remote site (Internet)


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localhost should open the local site. I have a hunch your DNS might be a bit borked..

ONLY the localhost address should work for you though - it's set in the hosts file of your PC so the name localhost translates to - or should do unless it's been removed from your hosts file. IF it has been removed then your browser will try adding extensions to the address - so for localhost it will try localhost.com then localhost.net then localhost.org (that was the order IE used to do it in - not sure about newer modern browsers but they do typically start with .com).

So you have two choices - either edit your hosts file on your PC or get yourself a local dns nameserver to run on your PC and then change your windows dns settings to use that and then configure that server with your loopback or local network address for all the domains you want to host locally. Note that if you're hosting them on your PC they don't have to be registered anywhere - eg i use home.lan for one of my local domains - it's setup in my nameserver and apache - and that's it, the browsers looks it up via the nameserver and then connects to apache. It's quite simple really but because normal internet domains work all over the web and are hosted on the most powerful dns nameservers available there's money in it. Note though that you can't setup your own domain registrar - you'd need the top level nameservers to recognise your server and they won't do that!

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