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PHP script on running from an HTML file


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I am running Uniform Server ZeroXIII - 13.3.2 portable under Windows 10 64bit.


I am unable to get a php script or file to run from within an HTML file. See HTLM file,



<p>First try with php:</p>


echo "My first PHP script!";





When the file is run I get ‘First try with php’ come up but no "My first PHP script!" and no error message.


Various web sites talk about creating a file called .htaccess with the following line,

‘AddType application/x-httpd-php .html .htm’ and putting in the website root directory.


Can someone advise if this is correct and where the file should be placed as I have tried various placed without any success.




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The standard way would be to use a .php extension for a file containing PHP code. That way if another developer takes up your work, the standards would help that new programmer easily take over.

Yes adding in the handler to the .html file in .htaccess would work, but would not be a standard way of doing things.

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