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Increase value of sort_buffer_size in my.ini


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Hello everyone!

First of all I would like to thanks everyone involved in creating and keeping up to date this great project!

As per topic, I would like to suggest a small change in the default value of sort_buffer_size in my.ini file which is 64K, and increase it to at least 128K.

The reason why I ask for that change is an error in the Joomla! CMS - all latest versions. Joomla require higher value by default, but it won't inform about it, instead after installation in every single admin screen you will see an empty error notice box - http://imgur.com/a/kC2fh


In Joomla! github repository, long ime ago there was a topic about this issue, but without conclusion or fixes how Joomla can check correctly sort_buffer_size values.

Is there is possiblity that next releases could have this value increased?

Thanks in advance !

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