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Enable SSL for MySQL


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I'm trying to enable SSL in MySQL, but having trouble with UniServer. Following the directions I find online and SSL is always still disabled.


Is there a trick to it with Uniserver? I used the Generate_server_cert_and_key batch file for apache, and tried re-using those keys. I also tried creating new keys from scratch, but the openssl this comes with throws an error saying "unknown option -CAKey" which apparently is not an issue anyone on the internet has ever had :-/


Here are the lines I added the mysqld section of my.ini. I can tell the keys paths are loaded in MySQL, but it still says have_openssl and have_ssl are disabled.

ssl-ca     = "C:/UniServerZ/core/apache2/server_certs/ca.pem"
ssl-cert   = "C:/UniServerZ/core/apache2/server_certs/sub.class1.server.ca.pem"
ssl-key    = "C:/UniServerZ/core/apache2/server_certs/server.key"
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I found I was getting the following error in mysql.err with the above configuration:

SSL error: Unable to get private key from 'C:/UniServerZ/core/apache2/server_certs/server.key'
2016-10-04 19:22:37 1944 [Warning] Failed to setup SSL
2016-10-04 19:22:37 1944 [Warning] SSL error: Unable to get private key

I found this article and followed the suggestion: http://dba.stackexchange.com/a/141261/31477


Using the new key there are no errors in the log during startup, but when attempting to connect to the server I get the error:


SSL connection error: unable to verify peer checksum

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