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Installing Curl?


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I have been out of the game for a while now, time to get back in, wanted to setup and test Owncloud once dialed in then take it online for my immediate family to use .


Started the install process ran into a snag received the following error.


Dependency check
Dependencies not found.
ownCloud Server does not support Microsoft Windows.
The following PHP modules are required to use ownCloud: curl
Please contact your server administrator to install the missing modules.


I did some searching of this site https://www.google.com/#q=installing+curl+site:http:%2F%2Funiformserver.com subject seems kind of fuzzy at least for my skill-set.


How about a mini server like your wiki or phpbb with ownCloud installed :ph34r:



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Ok I figured out how to install cURL sorry for the brain fart, I found the manual and read it, looked all over this site for the link to the manual finally found the link on the splash page when I restarted Uniserver.


Anyways I installed cURL restarted the server ran the ownCloud install again http://localhost/setup-owncloud.php?step=1 no more cURL error but still have the Dependencies not found. ownCloud Server does not support Microsoft Windows. Error which I do not understand, if ownCloud is running on a web server why does it matter what operating system is powering the web server?


This is all beyond me.

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