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How to install PostgreSQL


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If you wish to install PostgreSQL and make it work with Uniform Server you may find useful the following guidelines.


1. Stop UniformServer (Apache and MySql) from running


2. Download PostgreSQL latest stable release for Windows (these guildelines apply to version 9.5.3)


3. Download PhpPgAdmin (which is the PhpMyAdmin for PostgreSQL)


4. Launch PostgreSQL installer and choose the Uniform 'core' folder (\UniServerZ\core) as PostgreSQL installation folder. Default username is postgres.


5. Once installed you may rename the folder with a shorter name for ex. 'postgres'


6. Open httpd.conf (\[uniformServer_path]\core\apache2\conf) and add the following line to the and of the file:


LoadFile "\[uniformServer_path]\core\[postgres_path]\bin\libpq.dll"


7. Unzip PhpPgAdmin into the Uniform Server www path


8. If you wish, rename PhpPgAdmin folder to a shorter name


9. Open PhpPgAdmin configuration file config.inc.php (PhpPgAdmin/conf/) and change the two following lines as below:


$conf['servers'][0]['host'] = 'localhost';
$conf['extra_login_security'] = false;


10. Enable PostgreSQL PHP extensions using the Uniform Server systray console:


Menu PHP -> Edit Basic and Modules -> PHP Modules Enable/Disable




11. Start PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL must be started and stopped using its console. Go to




and start PostgreSQL:


serverctl.vbs start


serverctl.vbs has other parameters: serverctl.vbs reload|wait|start|stop

12. Start Apache as usual from the Uniform console.


13. Open the browser and type:




Use the default postgres user chosen during installation or any other user set and the chosen password to login in PhpPgAdmin.


These installation guidelines work properly even if you are keeping all Uniform Server installation and your work on a portable USB harddisk as I do. In this case you may delete from your Windows Start menu all the references to the PostgreSQL installation.




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