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Failed to change the root password, and start MySql


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I'm trying to change the root password of the MySql and is not working, i try using the UI in normal & safe mode, the last one seems to work to change the port in Apache last time that was a problem, the message than it sends to me in two different pop-ups is:

not sure how to proceed from here, did i need to change some permisions in some files or something like that?, and if it is the case, which ones?


"MySql Failed to become ready"

"Failed to change root password. No action Taken"


This happend when i download and update the uniform server (Today date is 05/03/2016)

Any suggestions in how to fix this?

I already tried to reset the root user & password using the button on the UI and I am using windows 10 64x.

Any help, comment, question or request for clarification than help to solve this problem would be much apreciated too

Thanks in advance.

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