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Apache Failing to Start [2016] because VCRUNTIME140.dll can't be found


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Is there any way to fix this?, i'm using UniServZ downloaded from the official site in (21/02/2016), i just can't start it, i found something about install some packages from Visual Studio 2015, but the thing is, how a person who doesn't use visual studio can have access to that packages?, maybie a direct install for the dll?, how that will be?

After all, one of the things than makes good of Uniform Server Z is, it is free, if i need to download some package it doesn't matter to me if i can downloaded free of charge

I have windows 10 64x

Any ideas, suggestions, comments or question than help to improve this post and/or solve this problem would be much apreciated.

Thanks in advance

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This took some time to figure out. No where did i see anyone post this solution. Even at the other WAMP software forums.

Its real easy.


I Installed, uninstalled vc_redist.x64.exe a few times, then it hit me, ah maybe i must also install the 32 bit version.


That did it. No longer getting the VCRUNTIME.140.dll error.


If your OS is 64 bit, normally we just install that software, but in this case, we also have to install the 32bit version.


Hope this helps the next person.




grab and install both





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If you want to avoid this dependency problem you could use an older version of uniformserver - version 7 (orion) does not need any runtimes as apache was compiled with a different compiler. I still have no idea why they changed this but it pretty much killed portable wamp setups on usb drives overnight.

Use the older 7x servies of uniformserver and you'll be able to run it via usb as normal. It's also very flexible if you want to hack it up and add features.

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