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Do .be domains count as domains for Vhosts?


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Iif it is a real TLD with 'A' info, then it does.. you have to set it right though... never actually set up a domain to a local server but search the forum for a post that was made here..


Think we got it to work...

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When you register a domain name most domain providers will offer you the choice to use either their name servers or to register your own.


Take a look at this page for an example:




Do a Goole for: own name servers you will find loads of examples.


Note: Not all domain providers allow you to set-up your own name servers hence you will need to shop around. Check to see if there is an extra charge for not using their default name servers. Some provide this service for free others do not. Also check the small print to see if you actually own the domain name after registering.


All the best

Ric :)

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