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MySQL 5.7


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I upgraded to MySQL 5.7.20 with the following steps (numbering is slightly off):


11. Download the latest x86-64 ZIP from https://dev.mysql.com/downloads/mysql/

12. Extract the ZIP.

13. Diff the old mysql folder against the new mysql folder and observe no diffs

14. copy over bin/share NOT the data folder

15. copy mysqld to mysqld_z

16. copy over the 2 ini files

17. run mysqld --initialize

18. launch the mysql process from uniserver

19. change the root password using mysql workbench for mysql after nicking the current one from mysql.err

20. stop mysqld with task manager

21. change the password a second time using uniserver

22. start mysqld from uniserver

23. confirm it is running by connecting with workbench

24. stop mysqld with uniserver

25. start uniserver and apache as a services

26. restore your data

27. PARTY!

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Hello @Zian,

Do you know if these steps can be used to install mysql 8.0.28?
I've downloaded Windows (x86, 64-bit), ZIP Archive from mysql.com but there are a lot more files in that archive than in UniformServer.  Should I keep all of them?  If not, which ones are required?

Hope to hear from you soon!  ;)


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