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Monitoring tool with mailing function


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Hello everyone,


just started to use uniform server and i like it.

Is there a possibility to monitor the status off the different services as apache en MySQL and send a mail when it's nog running for a period off time?


Maybe i am posting this i the complete wrong forum, if so my apologies.

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I use the Uniform Server for development purposes, so monitoring up-time isn't important. As far as I know, there is nothing built into the Uniform Server for this purpose.


If you are running a server that is on the Internet then you might Google for "monitor server". There are some free services available. This is a pretty common requirement.


If you are running a server on your desktop machine then perhaps you could write a Windows scheduled task to check that the ports respond. I imagine it is a bit of batch programming to hit a page, capture the response, and send an email if needed.

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