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Home Web Server And VirtualBox.


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I am trying to get my home web server visible on the web running from Windows 7 that is running on VirtualBox. When I try running Uniserver from the host machine (Windows 8) I have no problem seeing it on the web, I must be missing something that allows it past VirtualBox?


Anybody ever run across this before? I am not sure where to start.


Thanks in advance.

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Do you mean you cannot see it on the other machine?

Or you can?

Not sure what the problem is exactly.

When I run Uniserver on my Windows 8 machine it works perfectly and as intended I also can access Uniserver on the internet.


On the same Windows 8 computer running VirtualBox and Windows 7 with Uniserver the Uniserver runs and functions properly but I cant access Uniserver from the internet, I assume their is a path blocked some place?



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