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PHP_SAPI returning different values


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Hi and thanks for reading.


I have UniserverZ XI working with php 5.5 perfectly for my requirements. Now I want to use a .bat file to perform a Cronjob within my system.


The script requires correct settings for PHP_SAPI like this:


...if(PHP_SAPI === "cli"...

When I perform echo(PHP_SAPI."\n"); in my script to check what kind of PHP_SAPI the server is using, I get different results:


cgi-fcgi when the script is run directly from the browser and "cli" when opened through a .bat file (cronjob).


anyway, executing the script with: php -f cron.php from the server console isn't performing the script, nor giving me an error.


my only success has been opening the script directly from the browser with PHP_SAPI set to cgi-fcgi.


How is this possible and how can I make it work from the bat file too?


Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you!



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