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First of all, thanks for this nice piece of software.


I'm looking for Uniform Server source code, mainly UniController.exe, and how to build-it.

I'm also trying to develop a new custom module for Uniform Server, but I can find the proper documentation. Can someone give me a pointer ?

The underlying goal is to build a portable package with a WAMP setup and custom software that all starts together.


Best regards,






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First of all thank you for your excellent work.
I am in search of Unifiorm Server source code to adapt some things to my needs.
Can you tell me where can I find it?
In any case, can you tell me the license to apply to this very good software?

Thank you in advance.

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Dear all,


in 2014 there were source code available for latest versions of all applications available in UniServer. You can see it here.


Now we are 3 years older and no source for latest versions is available. Can you please upload newer version of source code? When I try to recompile versions available it is even not working (I can skip some requirements by providing fresh files) but the EXE file of e.g. Unicontroller is not working in Windows 10.


Or is the code available on github or svn?


Thanks a lot.


Have a nice day.

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Dear all,


as source code for UniController is rather bit old (the last published is 1.1.9 from 2014, while the latest is 2.2.0) and compatibility is broken since FPC 3.0.x introduced and does not support some procedures in code, it is now impossble to build UniController from source code.


Can you please add some statement if this will be ever solved? I mean the source code of Unicontroller in the latest version?

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Drop down to v7 of US - the unitray is still closed source but there is an alternative control folder where everything can be done via .bat and php files. In later versions this alternative control method has vanished along with the lack of runtime files needed.

Version 7 was superior due to not needing runtime files and being easy to hack for extra features etc.

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