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Strange Apache Redirect and Login Issue


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Hello All,


So I am new to UniServer, I have recently installed it and I really like it so far.

I have successfully installed both Worpress and Modx obviously using different databases, and have setup a connection to my coworkers in order for them to make changes in these sites. Everything worked perfectly fine for about a week. Until just this morning... :( .

I have no issues connecting on the machine running UniServer, but can't connect from any PC in the LAN (checked on 5 computers which used to work before). Anytime I try to login from the other computers in our LAN I get the normal login page (which proves I am successfully connected) I then type my credentials, hit enter, and it immediately changes the URL to start with "" instead of the IP address of the server which I originally typed in.


For example:


- I type: ""

- Type in my credentials

- It goes to ""


Obviously I get the error message "This webpage is not available"



Really appreciate anything that may help!!

Thanks a bunch :D

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