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httpd php class/good editor


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:D Hi...?


I was wondering if anyone knew of a PHP class for editing the httpd.conf file.

I found one, but it's not suppose to be released for a long long long time...

So yeah... has anyone seen/know of one?


And is there a good PHP editor out there that you can un-zip and all it needs stays in it's folder... (so it's portable)

I'm never on the same computer becuase mine died...

So I need everything tostay on my usb drive thing.

I can't use PSPad because I don't have a cab uncabber(?) and yeah...

GreenPad is nice and all, but it doen't have tabs, and they say it's fast, but it's only fast with small files...

I'm also looking for one that tabs.

So if anyone knows of one, please tell :huh:

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For the editor on the GO, i use Programmer's Notepad and it works great for me. Just extract and put in your USB Stick...

There site: http://www.pnotepad.org/


For the class to edit the httpd.conf file, don't have one but if you do find one, please let us know... could use something like that for the Uniform Server if it is simple and easy to use + secure... :D

Try searching SourceForge or Google for that.. i'm too lazy to do it for you now.. :huh:

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For any kind of editing I use Vim.

There should be a Windows port out there, probably standalone so it can be used portably across the machines you want to use it on...


Another program I use is jEdit. It uses Java so it will run on almost any platform providing it has Java installed. I used to use i as a standalone program on another partition so it would have gone on a memroy stick lovely.



Hope it helps. :D

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Search Google... there are tons of sites that give out freeware mini applications download links and info... like ours can be found on www.portablefreeware.com and some others i believe... :lol:

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