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Web pages not loading


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I'm a newbie.

Have installed UniformServer on Windows10.

The test pages loaded OK.

I then copied my website to the www folder.

There is no index.html or index.php in the root folder - but there are various html and php files in sub folders.

When I use "View www" and navigate to open any of these files, none of them open. I just get an empty screen.


What am I doing wrong please?

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Further information.

After installing I had to change the port used from 80 to 81 because 80 was already being used.


In the browser address line, if I delete back to "localhost/" then there is a list of subfolders of root - but with a different icon.

If I delet one more character - so "localhost" then I get the following:


- Uniform Server Zero -X1 Splash page with a "U" icon

with an apparent path of "localhost:81/:us-splash.index.php (in fact the only place this file is, is in "UniServerZ/home/us-splash"

This opens if I click on it.


- localhost:81

This doesn't open


- Quick Start Guide with a "U" icon

Path = localhost:81/us-docs/Quick Start Guide.html

This opens if I click on it.


and then 3 folders that are in the www folder each with an "old" icon and none of which will open.

I did have EZYphp loaded before - but it stopped working.


Does that provide any more clues?


PS. Uninstalling EZYphp and rebooting the computer makes no difference.



If I start the browser address menu with "D:" then I get to select


In this mode, the browser will open the .html and .php files.


Is there something wrong in my configuration?



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