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Cannot find running instance


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I have Uniserver Zero starting with windows but have run into the following problem.


When logging into any user on the machine, I now get the "An instance of unicontroller is already running" error every time.


It is running somewhere, however I cannot find the instance. There is no icon in the windows bar. It nor the apache/mysql services show up in the windows services list. They are active as I can access the site though. I also can't open the controller to do anything since it's "already running" somewhere and I can't access that controller.


I suspect this is because it was setup initially under one user, and now the machine is logged into a different (but still admin) user. What's the best practice to handle this?


It's fine if it can only be accessed from the user that set it up, but if that's the case I'd like to find a way to prevent the "already running" popup for other users. It would also be nice to access it from another admin user when needed.

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