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Where is Start_as_program.exe ?


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Hi folks and fellow Uniform Server users

Been looking for a portable WAMP stack and decided for Uniform Server today for some local and portable WordPress development.

1- Downloaded the as of today's date latest EXE from here http://sourceforge.net/projects/miniserver/files/Uniform%20Server%20ZeroXI/11_7_8_ZeroXI/ .

2- Started reading the Series 8-Coral: 100% READ THIS FIRST! --> DETAILED documentation (Yeah, even those of you who don't read manuals!) from here http://wiki.uniformserver.com/index.php/Main_Page .

3 -From there was lead to the Quick Start guide here http://wiki.uniformserver.com/index.php/Coral:_start_quick_start .

4- Arriving at the Quick Start guide it says as 2nd point under A) Locate the file Start_as_program.exe .

So where is this EXE please?

If the program has changed would someone taking care of the wiki please be so kind and update this to reflect the latest changes?

I find such things extremely important as new users without experience that actually read the manual will be confused and likely judge the rest of the stack as "bad" if the wiki is not up to date. It is such little things that sometimes cause people loosing time and interest in using products. I for example could already be tweaking settings or the Virtual Hosts instead of coming to the forum and posting all this.

If indeed there is a Start_as_program.exe please let me know where I can find it and disregard my request to update the wiki, thank you.

Please don't take my request or question bad or personal, I am merely trying to be helpful by pointing out a sort of dead end following the manual given on the wiki. Sorry to be such a nuisance with my first post here.

Any help is highly appreciated, thank you all.

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The bold font under Series 8-Coral: 100% READ THIS FIRST! and obviously the "Read This First" etc was what tricked me into reading the manual for Coral while having downloaded and extracted ZeroXI.

Great start on my behalf.. though since I could not find a manual under ZeroXI and there is a link for a manual under Coral I followed that link. I guess I assumed that is the manual for the latest version.


Is there a manual for ZeroXI or a Quick Start guide for ZeroXI, like there is for Coral? If there is, can someone link me to it please?


Thank you.

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Gosh the documentation for ZeroXI can only be found once opening UniController.exe. Nowhere in the Wiki does it mention that the documentation is actually packed inside the program. Or does it mention this somewhere in the Wiki and overread it?


How can I add "The documentation and manual for ZeroXI can be found once UniController.exe is running. Simply open the GUI and click on "Documentation". under the section Series ZeroXI (11): 100% A REDESIGN, with interchangeable parts??


Can someone add this to the Wiki please? Do you think it is worth adding this? As you can see from my errors other users might also make these mistakes. If you think this is such a silly error and not worth thinking about, fine, I don't mind, though adding it a little note about this in the Wiki wouldn't hurt I find.


What a start... :D

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I'll agree the Wiki start page can be a bit confusing, however you will note that the links you followed were under the heading "The Uniform Server Development Status", which is a reverse chronological listing of the various versions.


The heading on the right states "In the Wiki news- Current ZeroXI Production Version is The Uniform Server 11.7.8-ZeroXI, released July 12, 2015".


Although as you mention one can access the documentation from the UniController, it can also be found in \UniServerZ\docs\manual\index.html.


Having the wiki a bit more organized and perhaps up to date would be nice, but one has to keep in mind that this is all provided by volunteers who charge nothing for their products and services. The actual documentation is current for each version and personally, I prefer that the package is updated as a priority :)




GeneratePress / Elementor / WP Show Posts / Do It Yourself WordPress - Sniffle Valve


You want a WordPress website and you want it now - GOOD CHEAP FAST WEBSITES


Don't take life too seriously ... nobody has ever gotten out of it alive :)


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