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I have just complete my set up at home, which is UniformServer installed on my external hard drive. My external hard drive is connected to my router via my CiragoLink NAS adapter. Within my www folder I have my WordPress website files, but when I go to localhost/mywebsite the WordPress dashboard takes a while to load (20 seconds). Even basic navigation through my site is slow and its a fresh install.


Any ideas on how I can speed this up?


Many thanks



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Not familiar with that sort of set up. I do have a US install on a USB stick that runs at about the same speed as on C:\ Sorry I can't be of more assistance.

GeneratePress / Elementor / WP Show Posts / Do It Yourself WordPress - Sniffle Valve


You want a WordPress website and you want it now - GOOD CHEAP FAST WEBSITES


Don't take life too seriously ... nobody has ever gotten out of it alive :)


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