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Uniform Server 11.7.6 ZeroXI


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Uniform Server 11.7.6 ZeroXI Released:

Changes in this release:
UniController - Updated ZeroXI_controller_1_3_0 to ZeroXI_controller_1_3_1 bug fix.

Note: To update 11.7.5 ZeroXI download ZeroXI_controller_1_3_1.exe, save to a temp folder.
Double click downloaded file. This extracts all files, from the temp/UniServerZ folder copy
file UniController.exe to your 11.7.5 ZeroXI installation.

Uniform Server 11.7.6-ZeroXI

Uniform Server ZeroXI modules

Online ZeroXI documentation ZeroXI_documentation_1_1_11

The Uniform Server Development Team

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