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apache wont start on windows 7 virtual machine


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Hi Guys
Im using UniServer Zero XI11.6.1

On windows 7 virtual machine.

Main OS : Windows 8.1


My Apache won't start, but mysql is ok.


Apache Syntax Says


" Syntax error on line 267 of C:/Users/win7/Desktop/UniServerZ/core/a
pache2/conf/httpd.conf: Cannot load C:/Users/win7/Desktop/UniServerZ/core/php56/
php5apache2_4.dll into server: Unknown error "



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I tested UniServer Zero XI 11.6.2 and ZeroXI_php_5_6_4 module on the following:
Oracle VM VirtualBox
Windows 7 Ultimate

Works perfectly no issues found.

I noticed you are running from the desktop, try creating a new folder on C: drive for example us_test. Copy and extract UniServer Zero XI 11.6.2 and run from this folder.

All the best

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