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Apache failed to start Windows S 2008


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Hello. Today, i have installed Uniform Server on a Windows Server 2008, and i cannot start apache on it. I have everything same on my own W8 PC and it works perfect.


Just wondering why it doesn't work.

I cannot edit the post, so i will just add here. If i press Check apache syntax, it says cannot load icuin53.dll


The server is freshly installed, but i have Visual C++ installed on it.

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I installed Uniform Server 11_7_5_ZeroXI.exe but Apache failed to start.


I detected a difference between some php.dll version numbers mentioned in the apache config file (httpd.conf) and the dll version numbers in the embedded php directory.


e.g.: httpd.config stipulates <IfDefine php54> LoadFile ${US_ROOTF}/core/php54/icudt53.dll but the embedded php54 file is /core/php54/icudt49.dll


My solution : After adjusting the version numbers in the httpd.conf file Apache started smoothly.

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